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Two new gadgets for the new RV

Mike Wendland/ January 17, 2019/ Consumer Technology, Useful Gadgets/ 0 comments

Let’s start with the dashcam. I use a dashcam for two reasons: One, as protection and security. In the event of an accident – and an RV is the second most expensive purchase most people make next to their house – the dashcam provides irrefutable evidence of who was at fault. In the event is a break in, it can

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10 Coolest New Gadgets to Look Forward to This Year

Sarah Rense/ November 10, 2018/ Consumer Technology, Useful Gadgets/ 0 comments

At this point, we are about two steps away from becoming cyborgs. Once we can upload our consciousnesses to the cloud and get rid of our pesky bodily functions, we’ll be there: fully integrated with technology. In the meantime, it seems we’re getting closer every day. Unfortunately, we can’t purchase most of these goods right now. Soon, though. These are

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‘Smart’ lifestyle gadgets are set to digitise daily life

Aspie Perchy/ October 17, 2018/ Consumer Technology/ 0 comments

Here’s a morning routine for you: After the alarm on your smartphone goes off, it’s time to roll out of your “smart” bed and give your hair a good run through with your app-connected brush. Don’t forget to use your smart toothbrush in front of your smart mirror. After that, your smart pillbox will remind you to take your medication. And

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